"We treasure people we have never met!"

"We are paving the way for the future"

There are times in our lives when we can leverage our generosity through focused giving.  John 15:16 tells us that we have a higher purpose and that He wants to be involved in our lives.  Together, we can be responsible for the salvation of people that we may never meet until we are with them in heaven.  Just imagine with me dozens, if not hundreds, of people walking up to you that you have never met and saying, "Thank You"!

I strongly believe that we have the power to help create the future through Central Church.

The Lord has spoken to my heart about preparing the way for the next generation.  I sincerely trust that you will respond and that God is doing great things through us. 

I will never forget your giving to help us prepare for the future right now.  Thank you again for being apart of God’s vision for Central Church and all the people that we are going to serve in the future!

Very Sincerely,

Pastor Michael Carr