7 Principles to live by:

1. Look beneath the surface- I become aware that the ways I respond, relate, and react in my daily life often involve a lot more than my first-glance thoughts and intentions of the moment.

2. Break the Power of the Past - I realize the degree to which my personal history has shaped how I see the worlds, handle conflict, and deal with emotions. 

3. Live in Brokenness and Vulnerability - I realize that we are all broken people and that none of us comes to Jesus Christ with a “Get-Out-of-Discipleship-Free” card. We all need to be profoundly retrained, retaught, reworked and reshaped under His lordship and grace. Time alone with Him alone on a consistent and intentional basis is the only avenue to achieve the relationship with Jesus that we need to lead ourselves and others well. 

4. Receive the Gift of Limits - In my brokenness, I begin to see that God has blessed me with limitations that I must learn to embrace and receive instead of fight and deny. I was born with certain limits and others were thrust upon me, and still others were a result of my own choices.

5. Embrace Grieving and Loss - In seeing the limits of my life, especially the ones over which I had no control, I enlarge my soul by grief in the reality that I can never do and be all that I’ve hoped for on this side of heaven. With that in mind I come to appreciate all that God has placed into my life and eagerly anticipate all that He has for me in the future. 

6. Make Incarnation Your Model for Loving Well - Now being better acquainted with myself, my own limits and my own past and my own brokenness, I can hold onto myself, and love others more freely by entering into their world without losing my true self.

7. Slow down and live with integrity - I must slow down my hurried life in order to have integrity in 4 key areas; my relationship with God, with others, with myself, with those most vulnerable to my life and in my leadership of others.